Is 2016 a Watershed Moment for Women?

Article/Op-Ed in Politico
Oct. 13, 2016

Liza Mundy wrote for Politico about whether 2016 is a watershed election for American women: 

These recent revelations and allegations around Donald Trump’s words and behavior have awakened such a massive expression of outrage, recognition, pain, solidarity and shared trauma. I think it’s fair to say that every woman who has been paying attention (and who could not?) has found herself reliving a series of painful yet common memories—maybe even more memories than she realized she had. The experience of being groped, or evaluated on your appearance, or dismissed, or made uncomfortable in an office or on an airplane, always when you least expect it; of hearing men talk about you and how you look; of feeling diminished and demeaned. As Michelle Obama pointed out in her speech, all this is so searingly familiar to literally every woman who has stepped onto a public sidewalk or walked down a street or into a workplace. The good news is that finally there is a sufficiently critical mass of women in journalism, on social media, and in public life, to push back and try to continue re-setting the norm (which, honestly, it feels like we have been doing for 30 years now, or maybe 300). And there are far, far more men who get it, and will speak out and act, than there were a couple of decades ago.