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Best of Assets 2015

The Asset Building Program at New America is going offline to celebrate the holidays. We’ll be back in full swing the first week of January. But before we start rolling out our New Year’s resolutions, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the year past. In that spirit, we leave you with our Best of Assets 2015 collection. Over our holiday break, we’ll be tweeting these links and others to showcase our favorite moments from the past year. You can follow the conversation and contribute your own favorites on Twitter via#Assets2015!

Happy Holidays!

The Asset Building Program

Best of Assets 2015 

POLICY: Moving the ball down the field

RESEARCH: For a deep dive into our policy proposals

ARTICLES: Our policy innovations in short form

  • Give the Unemployed a Second Chance” Rachel Black and Aleta Sprague argue that being unemployed shouldn’t make you unemployable and explore the idea of a second chance economy.

  • Don’t Tax College Savings Yet” Justin King took President Obama and his critics to task, and proposes that the 529 college savings system could be transformed into an important tool for low- and moderate-income Americans, as innovation is being tested at the local level.

  • The Post Ownership Society” Monica Potts discusses how the “sharing economy” allows Millennials to cope with downward mobility, while making them poorer.

  • A Poor Way of Measuring Poverty” Patricia Hart and Rachel Black investigate the shortcomings of the federal poverty measure and recommend holistic approaches for understanding and addressing poverty in America.

EVENTS: With videos for your viewing pleasure

QUOTES: Overheard in the Assets Building Program

“Asset limits are antithetical to the idea of promoting self-sufficiency.” – Rachel Black, The Washington Post

“Now that everyone is on the record saying college savings is so great, what are we going to do to about this 3% uptake rate?”– Justin King, MainStreet 

“The state of wealth inequality in America is a choice, clearly reflected in a set of regressive tax policies that have shifted the burden away from accumulated capital.” – Reid Cramer, Washington Times

PARTNERS: What’s happening in the field

2015 was a remarkable year for the asset building field. The issue of emergency savings joined wealth inequality at the fore of public consciousness and was highlighted consistently by prominent national organizations. Children’s Savings Accounts continued to grow in stature and impact. Here’s just a sampling of some of the most exciting developments we noticed from our friends and partners in asset building: