The Ladder

A blog of the Asset Building program

Opening Doors (and Accounts) at Tax Time

Basic tools for financial management should not be a privilege.

Why Work for Welfare Doesn't Work

The orientation of public assistance around work is a long-held vestige of how we assign responsibility for one’s poverty.

Struggling to Stay Nourished in a Banking Desert

Physical bank branches in low-income communities are critical for their fiscal health.

State Savings Arrangements Safe Harbor

Comments to the Department of Labor regarding its proposed safe harbor rule for state savings arrangements.

Best of Assets 2015

Best of Assets 2015 showcases the Asset Building Program's favorite moments over the past year.

Youth Savings Pilot Explores a Path Forward with Banks

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation launched its Youth Savings Pilot Program.

The Place of Race in Debt

Per a recent ProPublica report, debt collection squeezes black neighborhoods. Jane Greenway Carr paints a portrait of the color of debt.

myRA Goes National

MyRA is a free, safe, simple and easily accessible savings option that is branded as retirement savings account, but in reality could help m

Video: The Real College Debt Crisis

Once seen as the Great Equalizer, the value of higher education in the era of soaring college debt has come into serious question.

Pell Grants for Prisoners: A Good Idea Returns

What if while serving their sentence, incarcerated individuals gained skills and credentials to help them get jobs once they leave?

Millennials, Money and The Washington Monthly

Millennials, Money, and The Washington Monthly.

Wealth and Generations

By focusing on the growing riches of the “1 percent,” we miss another form of inequality that is bigger, and arguably even more dangerous.