Press Releases

Youthsave Project Connects Youth Financial Inclusion and Poverty Alleviation

A panel of financial inclusion experts explore a range of questions related to the use of youth savings accounts as a poverty alleviation.

New Report Highlights the Business Case for Youth Savings

CGAP released a report that examines the business considerations for financial service providers offering savings products to young people.

New America on President Obama’s MyRA: Has Potential, But Can Do More

Recommendations for the Administration and Congress to maximize the impact of myRA through supporting both emergency and retirement savings.

85,000 Low-income Youth Open Savings Accounts Through YouthSave

Dispelling the myth that poverty is the biggest barrier to saving.

Nueva Investigación de Save the Children Demuestra Que los Adolescentes de Países Pobres Quieren Ahorrar Más Dinero

“La percepción es que los adolescentes que viven en situación de pobreza (es decir, con menos de dos dólares diarios) no tienen dinero, y mu

YouthSave Project Launches New Website

YouthSave - a consortium of youth and microfinance focused NGOs - launches

Save the Children and Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. Launch YouthSave Project

An agreement was signed between Save the Children and Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. today; formally launching the YouthSave project in Nepal.