Saving Promises

For the first time since 1952, the absence of incumbents vying for the nomination of each major party has created a wide open race, one where the stakes are remarkably high. This has contributed to an extended campaign process that will last almost two years by the time the presidential election is held in November of 2008. While some lament the length of this campaign cycle, it has generated a great deal of activity in the policy arena as each candidate has sought to articulate their vision for America’s future and proposed policies that will help take us there.

In the field of savings and assets building, many insightful proposals have been made that are worth highlighting. Some of these proposals address issues of economic security, others focus directly on savings and access to financial services, and another set offer policies to promote homeownership and asset protection. This document represents our attempt to capture the major proposals and statements related to saving and asset building from the 2008 presidential campaign.

This paper will review and describe the set of proposals that have emerged from the candidates for president in both parties. These proposals have been presented by the candidates and campaigns in a variety of formats and in various degrees of detail. Some are included in detailed plans and policy briefs, others are outlined more generally on campaign websites, and others have been presented more rhetorically in speeches or on the campaign trail.

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Rourke O'Brien
Alejandra Lopez-Fernandini

Reid Cramer is director of the Millennials Initiative at New America. Previously, he served as the Asset Building program's research director and as a co-director of New America's Next Social Contract Initiative.