Policy Papers

Addressing the Challenge of Account Dormancy in Youth Savings Initiatives

This paper discusses a framework for understanding the challenge of account dormancy in large-scale, account-based initiatives.

Building Millenials' Financial Health Via Financial Capability

This report compares financial capability, financial inclusion, and financial education to financial exclusion.

Youth Savings Patterns and Performance in Ghana

This supplemental report on Ghana’s Enidaso account holders provides evidence on the youth response to YouthSave by incorporating data from

Flexible Savings

The lack of flexible savings is a problem not only for lower-income families, but affects households at nearly all levels of income.

Strengthening Ties

The first report from New America's Family-Centered Social Policy Initiative examines how policies are working against families.

Retirement Security Federalism In Action

An Analysis of the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program.

Youth Savings Patterns and Performance in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal

This report presents two-year findings from a study that tracks account uptake and savings patterns and performance in youth savings accoun

Improving the Tax Preparation Experience

This brief focuses on the need for standards for tax preparation as well as price disclosure and transparency.

Voices of Youth, Parents, and Stakeholders

This report presents the findings of in-depth interviews conducted by in-country research partners with a total of 24 youth participants, pa

Regulatory Environments for Youth Savings in the Developing World

Creating a supportive environment for youth savings requires identifying barriers and proactively crafting policy to overcome them.

Baseline Survey of the Third Cohort

This report presents baseline findings of the new cohort.

The Business Case for Youth Savings

This paper begins by offering a framework for understanding how different influences or “levers” affect cost and revenues related to youth s