Policy Papers

Inclusion by Design

This paper will explore the historical factors and racial stereotypes that have shaped U.S. welfare policy and evaluate alternative models.

The Outcomes of Opening or Depositing in a Savings Account for Low-income Youth in the Ghana YouthSave Experiment

This 4-page brief distills the findings of an analysis of treatment youth in the Ghana Experiment

Facilitators and Barriers of Youth Savings in Ghana YouthSave Experiment

Working paper that investigates the differential impacts of the opportunity to open savings accounts on the youth in the treatment schools

Implications for Youth Livelihoods Programming

This 3-page brief distills the findings of an analysis of treatment youth in the Ghana Experiment

Designed to Thrive

The Family-Centered Social Policy initiative believes it is time to step back and re-design the way policy is made from its inception.

Leveraging Public Assistance to Promote Financial Inclusion

TANF not only fails to support saving and financial inclusion, but also often actively discourages it.

YouthSave 2010 - 2015: Findings from a Global Financial Inclusion Partnership

This publication presents a concise summary of the knowledge generated and lessons learned from the activities of this five-year project.

Toward Financially Capable Youth

Our results add to the body of evidence indicating the promise of youth financial education, and the need for further investment in rigorous

Impacts of Financial Inclusion on Youth Development

The Ghana experiment’s findings demonstrate that early savings can enable young people improve long-term financial and educational outcomes.

Youth Savings Patterns and Performance in Ghana

If provided an opportunity to save via formal financial services, do youth participate, save, and accumulate assets?

Taking the Bank to the Youth

This working paper explores the experimental impact of in-school banking and financial marketing outreach on the savings performance of yout

From 529s to CSAs

A pioneering model for cultivating college-bound identities and transforming 529s into powerful and progressive CSA's.