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Core YouthSave Advisor, Carolina Trivelli, Named Peru’s Minister of Social Inclusion

Today, YouthSave’s core Research Advisory Council (RAC) member, Carolina Trivelli was appointed as Peru’s Minister of Social Inclusion. The newly formed Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion is charged with planning and implementing the country’s pro-poor programs for marginalized communities who have not benefited from Peru's increasing economic growth.

Ms. Trivelli, an esteemed economist, comes to the Ministry having served as a researcher and Director General of Instituto de Estudios Peruanos. Among Trivelli’s many accomplishments at IEP, she also co-managed Proyecto Capital, an initiative to link conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs with financial inclusion strategies. A recent report by the Global Assets Project highlights Ms. Trivelli’s valuable insights on this emerging concept, which she shared during our Savings-linked CCT colloquium last November.

With an expertise in rural poverty and development finance, Trivelli has been one of eight advisors on YouthSave’s learning agenda (led by the Center for Social Development) since the Project’s inception. We congratulate her on this exciting news and express our gratitude for her contributions to YouthSave!