The Next Progressive Era

Old Lessons and New Ideas to Bring Back Broad Prosperity

A discussion with Authors Phillip Longman and Ray Boshara, with Commentary by Mark Schmitt and Reihan Salam.

A century ago, Americans faced a raft of challenges much like today's: asset bubbles and crashes, predatory lending and financial goliaths, to name but a few. The progressives of that era, however, did something about it -- laying a foundation for much of the social contract of the 20th Century. What would they say about the crises -- and policy responses -- of 2009?

In their new book, Longman and Boshara show how today's progressives have much to learn from their counterparts of a hundred years ago -- in fact, more than from the New Deal. The authors also offer many new domestic policy ideas -- public investment in freight rail and "steel wheel" interstates, small-scale banking, a Basic American Mortgage, and a civilian equivalent of the veterans health system -- that offer highly creative solutions to America's most pressing needs.


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Phillip Longman
Co-author, The Next Progressive Era
Schwartz Senior Fellow, New America Foundation

Ray Boshara
Co-Author, The Next Progressive Era
Vice President for Domestic Policy Programs and Director Asset Building Program, New America Foundation


Mark Schmitt
Editor, American Prospect

Reihan Salam
Author, Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream
Fellow, New America Foundation