Bootstrap Capitalism


Sponsored By:
The New America Foundation
Center for Social Development, Washington University
Institute on Assets and Social Policy, Brandeis University

A key question the panelists and audience explored was, "What are the components of the next generation of anti-poverty policies in the U.S.? What roles do asset building and financial services play? What are the other components? And how can a new anti-poverty agenda move forward?


Hyatt Regency Hotel on Capitol Hill
Washington, DC
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  • Ray Boshara
    Director, Asset Building Program, New America Foundation

  • Michael Tanner
    Cato Institute

  • Peter Edelman
    Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

  • Michael Stegman
    MacRae Professor and Chari, Department of Public Policy, University of North Carolina

  • Max Sawicky
    Economist, Economic Policy Institute

  • Floyd Flake
    Former U.S. House Representative; and Senior Pastor, The Greater Allen Cathedral, Jamaica, Queens, New York

  • David Stoesz
    Director, policyAmerica

  • Ernest Skinner
    Vice-President and Community Relations Director, Citibank

  • Harold E. Ford Jr.
    (D-TN), U.S. House of Representatives

  • J. Larry Brown
    Director, Institute on Assets and Social Policy, Heller School of Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University

  • Michael Sherraden
    Director, Center for Social Development, Washington University

  • Howard Karger
    Professor of Social Policy, University of Houston

  • Katy Jacob
    Senior Analyst, Center for Financial Services Innovation, Shorebank

  • Dave Buchholz
    Director, Applied Research and Innovation, CFED

  • Robert Kuttner
    Founding Editor, The American Prospect